Technical consultation

Technical Consultation

Our technical team will immediately communicate with you via phones, emails or on-site meetings to shorten design cycles and help you complete the process from conceptual design to mass production in a cost effective manner.

Our technicians have the experience to advise on product & technology cost factors and provide rapid feedback on design solutions, build-ups, material selection, design rules, manufacturability, cost of different solutions, use of micro vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc.

We can reduce your design lead times through rapid engagement by our country based technical teams with you by phone, email or on site meetings. Working in common time zones and language makes it easier for us to provide real-time and in-depth support to assist you in cost effectively, helping you take your products from conceptual design through to volume production.

Eliboard design support team is at your service all the time to rapidly and accurately provide feedback and provide value engineering and consultation services reducing production costs so as to help you achieve optimum designs and accomplish the whole process from samples to volume production.

Among the Gerber data we received, more than 30% of them have problems, such as vague and incorrect information, design rule conflicts, insufficient information and contradictions between data and specifications.

Based on its perfect understanding of products and customers, the professional Eliboard team can rapidly solve many relevant problems. In addition, it can guarantee solving all problems before production by cooperating with factories so as to reduce delays and potential extra costs.