SMT service introduction:

Eliboard provides SMT processing services, our professional team builds complete PCB and PCBA quality control system. During the components soldering process, high-quality solder paste is used to ensure the reliability and stability of the welding. Our production line is equipped with automatic printing machine, high-speed placement machines, AOI automatic optical detectors, etc., which can effectively ensure the reliability and quality in the electronic packaging process. Regarding the SMT testing, we have professional engineers to implement preliminary planning, prevention, and monitoring. After the completion of the transaction, we review the quality management of improvement, standardization, and other aspects. We use various test fixtures to perform 100% batch testing. Before delivery the products to customers, we will do automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray inspection, and burn-in testing, aim to provide high quality, zero defect products.

Production Flow

Solder Paste Printing>Mounting>AOI>Reflow Soldering>AOI Check>DIP>Wave Soldering>Funtion Test>PCBA

  • Solder Paste Printing

    The process of depositing solder paste on PCB to establish electrical connectionselectrical connections.

  • Mounting

    Using the PCB placement machine to put the required components on the PCB of the printed solder paste.

  • Reflow Soldering

    The solder paste is fused between the components and the PCB by reflow.

  • AOI Check

    Check the fusion between PCB and the circuit and test the function of the circuit.

  • DIP

    The PCBA plug-in of the DIP elements.

  • Wave Soldering

    Melting the angle of the DIP element above the PCB.

  • Function Test

    perform functional test of the circuit.

  • PCBA

    PCBA done.

How does EliBoard Work?

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Solder Printing&Mounting

Printing precision:±0.025mm
Printing stencils size:470*380-900*900mm
Printing PCB size:50*50-610*600mm
Printing PCB thickness:0.4-5mm
Minimum package :01005Chip/0.4mmBGA
PCB size:50*50-686*508mm

Reflow&Wave Soldering

Reflow Type:Up/Down 10 Temperature Area
Reflow PCB Temperature Differential:±1.5℃
Max Reflow PCB Size:400mm
Wave Soldering Type:Hot Blast/Infrared
Wave Soldering PCB Size:50-350mm
Wave Soldering Speed:500-1800mm/min

Inspect&BGA Rework

X-RAY Inspector:Minimum focusing size 0.25um
Size of carrier table:500*510mm
Bad types of detection: missing, tin, tin, tin, bias, bad shape, pollution on the surface.
SPI Inspector: Deviation, bad shape, surface pollution
Maximum PCB panel size:M-size-X330*Y250mm
AOI Inspector:PCB size:630*520mm
PCB thickness:0.5~5.0mm
PCB component Height:0.5~5.1mm
PCB warpage: less than 3mm bending is acceptable
Intelligent first piece detector: average component test time: 3 seconds
Test rigour: system entry and analysis of data
Test traceability: querying database and saving record
BGA rework:PCB-size:Max-430*450mm Min-15*22mm
chip size:Max-80*80mm Min-2*2mm