CAM engineering introduction:

CAM engineering introduction:

n order to solve the problem of CAM engineers insufficiency and reduce the cost of engineers, the Eliboard technical team flexibly designs CAM / MI engineering files according to the factory's process capability. The production process communicates in depth by professional teams, understands the manufacturing requirements, feedback and communicate with customers timely for the non manufacturability in design. Formulate integrated production data while taking into account the customers requirements and process capabilities.

In the service process, the Eliboard team will panelize the customer provided CAD files in specified dimension, convert to Gerber and drill files that can used for production. The Eliboard team always stands in the customer's side to give out the best improvement suggestions, just to make the manufacturing process more fluid.


Eliboard team is composed of employees with over 8 years of experience related to PCB. Being familiar with PCB technology, they can properly adjust manufacturing and processing parameters as per the manufacturing capacity of its customers. In addition, they are familiar with various PCB inspection standards. Therefore, they can appropriately adjust manufacturing designs for the products with special requirements.


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