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Our Maker - Hong Wei


Makers are those who have the courage to innovate and strive to turn their ideas into reality. Even if they have encountered all kinds of difficulties, their spirit is still exhausting. For them, creation is their belief and enthusiasm, even if they are defeated in the end. Never giving up the process also makes them all worth it. This is the so-called maker spirit.

Our Maker - Hong Weiguang

Hong Weiguang, born in 1986, was an outspoken creator. The young man working in Shenzhen was very passionate about technology research and development during his student years. He developed smart cars and wireless charging modules during his college days. Hong Weiguang has now set up a studio to solve the problem. Through nearly 10 years of experience in intelligence hardware, he has trained a hardware integration capability and overall planning capabilities to assist manufacturers in rapidly researching product requirements.

Responsible for providing a one-stop soft and hard service provider, Hong Weiguang described his work in an appropriate manner. Assuming that the customer needs a string of pearl necklaces, but the market can only buy pearls in different areas, the vast majority People lack the ability to string these pearls. To solve this problem, a solution provider like this “beaded person” can not only provide the whole string of necklaces, but also can wear it for customers, and tell them about the related conservation and collocation knowledge, and at the same time, reduce the customers’ market. On the cost of searching for raw materials.

However, as a hardware solution provider, it is often necessary to have all kinds skills. Not only do they need to possess software, hardware, and firmware architecture knowledge, but they also need to master the "hard knowledge" of hardware design, IC signal specifications, and circuit board design. If there is a strong and reliable supplier at this time, it will save a lot of trouble in the production process.

When Hong Weiguang designed a special circuit board, only a part of the copper plating in the plated through hole of the circuit board was needed. For the PCB board factory, this is a very rare and labor-intensive process. After the copper sinking process is required, special grinding is required. A part of the metal layer in the hole is removed, so that the copper plated portion of the through hole is conductive and partially insulated.

Maker spirit

At first, Hong Weiguang took this “exotic” design and ate many closed doors of PCB manufacturers. When he was desperate and wanted to redesign, he thought of the online PCB proofing platform that had been in contact with the startup platform Kick2Real. , In the original without any expectation, asked EliBoard online customer service, online customer service enthusiastic service and perseverance to solve the spirit of the problem together with the customer, so that Hong Weiguang produced a glimmer of hope for this design.

The biggest influence on PCB production is the original design. EliBoard technicians provide consulting services on product and technology cost factors based on respecting the designer’s creativity, and design rules,  material selection, and design rules. , rapidity of manufacture, costs of different processes, use of micro vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc. provide immediate feedback.

Hong Weiguang and EliBoard staff shortened the engineering consultation cycle by telephone, email, or multiple communication. After multiple communication between the two parties, they found a perfect solution. After the plated through hole process was completed, some metal was removed with a drilling needle. The layer not only completes difficult production at a low cost, but even more preciously, the persistence of Eliboard allows creators to maintain the authenticity of their creation.

We and Maker

The product R&D process can be said to have been a dead end. Most of the products have died before they are listed. Some products have ended in the creative stage, but more products have encountered problems that cannot be overcome in the production process, but EliBoard assists. When Hong Weiguang was completely disheartened, he still allowed you to continue to believe in and support his own painstaking creation and to accompany the customer to break through the limitations of PCB board production. This spirit allowed Hong Weiguang to re-examine the original intention of the pioneer.

Maker Space

Makers are those who have the courage to innovate and strive to turn their ideas into reality. Even