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Communication TransmissionPCB

Industrial control motherboard is the PCB used in industrial automation applications. It is widely used in industrial computers, controllers, and gateways, etc. Its components can withstand a wide range of temperature, electromagnetic interference, and harsh environments and work under high load for a long time.

General commercial PCBs are usually designed with four layers. The upper and bottom layers are signal planes, with the ground plane and bus plane in the middle. Industrial motherboards are often PCBs designed with six circuit layers. This design can help to enhance the motherboard in terms of anti-electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility, and stability.

High-quality PCB processing targeted for industrial control market

In order to enhance the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance of the motherboard and increase its stability, most industrial motherboards adopts a six-layer PCB design. High manufacturing process technology allows EliBoard to manage as many as 20 layers, while maintaining 3mil/3mil line width and spacing and controlling the impedance tolerance at ± 8%.

Our high-quality industrial control PCB products can withstand harsh environments: working at a wide temperature range from negative 20 degrees to 70 degrees, working continuously within its product life, and surviving bad weather, humidity, vibration, dust, radiation, high temperature and so on.

Raw materials conforming to industrial standards

Different from commercial materials, selection of industrial control boards and components must take in account of needs of the industrial environment, such as high temperature and humidity resistance. EliBoard has built a long-term strategic partnership with top-class high-frequency materials suppliers in the world, to provide industrial control customers with products made from best quality materials and related resources, while controlling its product quality at root.

Product Scope

Industrial Computers, POS machines, hand-held industrial control computer, controllers, test boards

Industrial ControlPCB

With the development of 5G transmission technology, the circuit design of PCBs for communication and transmission of electronics is becoming more and more complicated for the transmission of high-speed signals. Meanwhile, increasing layers and complexity are required to meet the ever-shrinking circuit board size. High-speed protocols including 100GbE , PCI Express , VPX , SONET and SDH are also challenging the technical limits of PCBs.

EliBoard's advantages on the manufacturing process of high frequency boards

1.Using high-frequency material resources to control quality at root
The Company has built a long-term strategic partnership with top-class high-frequency materials suppliers in the world, to provide industrial control customers with products made from best quality materials and related resources, while controlling its product quality at root.

2.Special process targeted at the infocomm industry
The Company has a full set of circuit board production equipment, as well as ion degumming machines prepared only for the infocomm industry. It has also brought in infrequent surface treatment productions lines for silvering, tinning, silver immersion and tin immersion.

3.More than enough process capability to satisfy the need of manufacturing PCBs for infocomm industry
Taking advantage of its proven mixed compression technology, the Company can provide boards made from FR4 + PTFE, FR4 + 408HR, FR4 + ROGERS, and ceramics + FR4, while maintaining 3mil/3mil line width and spacing and controlling the impedance tolerance at ± 8%.

4.A top-class PCB technical support team to optimize the quality stability of high-frequency board
EliBoard has a technical support team consisted of 50 experienced PCB technicians, who are able to ensure a stable performance of the product based on rich experience on high-frequency materials. We can also effectively optimize product structures for customers due to our rich project experiences.

5.Rigorous quality control system to effectively ensure the product performance
The Company has achieved ISO international quality certification and operates strictly in accordance with international quality standards. Quality of its products has exceeded IPC quality control standards.

Product Scope

Gateways, routers, modem stations, modems, data machines and other communication transmission equipment

Automotive ElectronicsPCB

As traditional automobiles are undergoing a gradual transition from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to unpiloted driving systems, and new-energy automobiles prevail, the penetrance of automotive electronics is increasing and the application of automotive PCBs also increases. It is expected that the development of technology will help to increase automotive IT applications, to realize more abundant and practical functions. These functions will continue to penetrate the high end to the mid-low end.

Vehicle motion control functions such as cruise control and sheering, security control functions such as collision avoidance and airbags, and peripheral control functions such as electric Windows, doors, and rear mirrors all rely on PCBs to exist. Future full automatic driving automobiles also need more PCBs to function properly.

Development of automatic driving technique in the future will greatly increase the application of electronics in the security system, while the prevalence of new-energy automobiles will increase the application of power control systems. Both drivers will boost the automotive PCB industry greatly. Market size of automotive PCBs will become nearly six billion dollars by 2019, while that of the automobile electronic systems, including the security system and the driving system, will also increase dramatically.

At present, the use of PCBs in mid-to-high end automobiles is about 40 pieces / vehicle. The gap between low-end and high-end vehicles is large. It is expected that the prevalence and improvement of automatic driving technique will lead to continuous increase in electronics applications in all kinds of vehicles and penetrate from high end to mid-low end vehicles.

EliBoard's efforts in developing the automotive electronics market
1.Achieving certificate of ISO/TS16949 system dedicated for quality control of automotive electronic products.
2.Achieving certificates of both domestic and foreign quality systems including ISO9001 and CQC.
3.Strictly conforming to multiple control standards required by IPC and customers to ensure the quality of our products can satisfy our customers.
4.Implementing the PDCA cycle to improve the product performance continuously.

Product Scope

Driving logger, car audio, on-board computer motherboard, automotive information and communication equipment motherboard

Medical ServicePCB

The overall scale of medical electronics has been seeing a steady and rapid growth in recent years and telemedicine technology and smart medicine have emerged as potential drivers of the industry. Meanwhile, requirements in complexity and quality has also been challenging the PCB industry. Properties including thermal stability, long-term application reliability, bending resistance, heat dissipation, RF performance, and high speed signal transmission have become the focus in the design of medical service PCBs.

Special services provided by EliBoard for medical markets

1. Providing a wide range of product hierarchy: Our products cover a wide range from conventional consumable medical products to mid-high end medical products requiring high reliability and stability, portable products requiring high density and integration, and smart and multi-functional wearable medical products.

2. Safe and reliable quality: Life support products or high-end products conform to IPC-3 standards; non-living support products or low-end products conform to IPC-2 standards.For some large-scale medical terminals, the Company has independent and formal enterprise standards to strictly control the reliability of its products.

3. Long service life: The service life of normal products is more than 5 years, and that for large-scale medical equipment is at least 10 years, even for a long continuous working period.

4. Repeated product inspection: The application of new technologies and new products is usually takes a long time, since we have to carry out repeated verification tests of new products for comprehensive assessments.

5. Traceability of production records: We have strict process records and product traceability, and the PCB processing records of some large medical terminals must be stored for 10 years.

Product Scope

Hemadynamometer, glucometer, thermometer

Consumer ElectronicsPCB

EliBoard leads the way from sample making to mass production

As key components of consumer electronics products, PCBs can be found in almost all electronic products. EliBoard leads the way from sample making to mass production. During the initial stage, EliBoard can work together with customers on DFM (Design for Manufacturing). After checking the GERBER files by EliBoard's professionals, we chose the production line that fits the customer best in quality, delivery accuracy, order delivery time and price.

EliBoard always adopts the highest standard in product manufacturing for its customers. In case of using non-standard technology or material, we can provide samples for confirmation before mass production. For conventional products, we can guarantee the delivery time or even speed up the delivery, to satisfy all kinds of requirements in terms of mass production.

Product Scope

Smart phone, wearable device, game console, tablet computer, LED display